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  1. I bought 2 badges that say “I Have Low Vision” from our Center for the Blind. I have not had the courage to wear one. Would you wear such a badge? I am afraid it would cause undo attention paid to me.

    1. Thanks, Sharon, for your comment. First, it’s Linda: when I read what you said about “attention paid to me”, I told Sue I predicted she would say something like “so what’s wrong with attention?” And she did! Here’s Sue’s reply in full “To begin with: you are right! There is nothing wrong with a little attention! I absolutely thrive on it! Confessed attention junkie here! That said, I would wear it under certain circumstances. I would consider my audience as it were. Sometimes it is better – and safer! – to be incognito. I would say start by wearing the button in situations that are controlled and safe. Church, doctor’s office, maybe the grocery. Then you may want to try someplace else. Do an experiment. Wear it in one store but not in another. Where did you get the better response? I have little problem just casually working the fact of my vision loss into conversation. I tell waiters to please check I wrote the right things on the receipt because of my eyes, for example. However, if it were going to be something I had to do repeatedly, I might wear the button. “

      1. Thank you for replying to my question. I like the idea of wearing it in controlled situations. One friend said she was afraid the badge said “mug me.” Doctor’s office, church, library, etc are places I would feel comfortable wearing it. I have more problems at the grocery store..can’t read labels without magnifying glass, hard to locate items in the store. My husband usually goes with me. Maybe I could start there. I’ll let you know what responses I get.

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