2 thoughts on “Sue’s New Page 7/6/2017”

  1. The only thing I have given up due to my eyesight is driving at night unless the road way is very well lit with little traffic cause of the glare. I do carry a small flashlight so I can read a menu in a dark restaurant. I am more slow and cautious at night when walking down stairs or on uneven ground. Going outside on a bright day without sunglasses is a no no. I am fortunate so far since my progress seems a slow go.
    As for the the things I have given up because I am in my 60’s, not much! I swim, spin, do repairs, maintenance, including painting, staining, varnishing, caulking…..
    I try not to lift as much as before I developed deteriorating scoliosis but usually I say the hell with it and go ahead paying for my stubbornness with a sore back.
    The one thing that does upset me is when my sons become impatient with me when I struggle to find a word or my speech / thought process has slowed. They are young and fast, I am older and slower. That is when I feel old.
    My father is 89, post stroke, still independent at home and refused living at an assisted living facility. He said, no….too many old people there?. You go dad.

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