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  1. I really didn’t want to rate this because I think I have a good attitude towards having macular degeneration. Maybe some of it comes with age. A lot with my faith. A practicing Methodist most of the time and Buddha.

    1. From Sue: ”
      Glad you are getting what you need from the sources you value. I am not sure how this page would go against your faith as, in actuality, there is much in all major religions and philosophies saying acceptance is a path to grace. “

  2. I try to remain sanguine about my vision loss, but there lurks a sense of despair deep inside. My fear is losing my husband and therefore my total sense of normalcy in the world. All alone…I would be non-functioning.

    1. From “A lot in three sentences! Just to refresh my understanding of sanguine, I looked it up. Sanguine has a cheerful feel about it. I also think cavalier (although the thesaurus apparently does not!) Just to clarify, acceptance does not require you to be happy about your situation. It does not require you be satisfied. In fact, those feelings would almost be conterproductive. It is my understanding that Buddhism – and definitely DBT – says to accept aspects of situations that cannot be changed so you can free up the energy to work on things that can be changed. Concentrating on the possible means you have to separate out the possible from the impossible and accept that difference.
      I am not so sure your despair is based on your vision loss as it is on fears of your marriage failing. That is about all I want to say on that subject. I am not a couple’s counselor. You might want to find one.
      Next question for you to answer for yourself would be this: would I feel nonfunctional because of emotional loss or because I have lost the task support my husband gave me? If it is emotional loss, that would be something for a good, local counselor. If it is loss of support with daily tasks, I would encourage you find a Vision Rehabilitation Therapist and start learning how to do more things for yourself. Improved skills lead to improved self-confidence. When you can do things for yourself some of the despair may lift.
      Hope that was a little help.”

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