2 thoughts on “Highlight: New Series – Sue’s Musings Then and Now – Part 1 – 1/18/2018”

  1. I love you both and the journal has been very helpful in my Mac Degen journal. At the stage I’m in it is now time to get some of the apps that have been suggested using my Kindle.
    It would be so helpful just to have a list and I could check them out myself! Thanks

    1. Lin/Linda here: Thanks for the kind words. I assume you know, maybe some readers don’t know, that Kindle apps are Android apps. I don’t know if all Android apps are available through Amazon, do you know? We’d love to have a page of apps for you and others…I’ll put that on my to do list. In the meantime, you can search our website by finding the ‘search website’ box and entering app. Or you can go to Categories where there are several options starting with Technology. Yes, a bit tedious to go through but for now, that’s all our website can offer. I assume you know about the Facebook group? That’s a good place to get ideas about what is out there as well as to share other information and support.

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