Highlight: What can I do to better take care of myself?


An overview of self maintenance

Low vision rehabilitation

Overview of types of low vision rehabilitation


In depth post about ‘eye vitamins’


Food high in Lutein and Zeaxanthin

Beyond eating green

Eat right for good general health & eye health

A handful of walnuts a day prevents heart disease, lowers cholesterol. There is a connection between cholesterol & AMD.

Protect your eyes

Click here for more information about how to choose sunglasses & lighting.

Eccentric Viewing

You can teach yourself how to use your peripheral vision to read the printed page with a technique called Eccentric Viewing

Checking vision

Amsler Grid

What it is, how to use it, download a copy

Apple & Android apps

AMD Eye not only has an Amsler Grid but also has a lot of educational information

MyVisionTrack app lets you take vision tests & the results will go to the eye doctor


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Highlight: What can I do to better take care of myself?
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