Highlight: How can I adapt my home so I can be safe and independent?

It is so frustrating not be able to do things at home that you might have been able to do in the past and do safely.

  • Have you burned something on the stove or in the oven or in the microwave?
  • Have you twisted your ankle because you missed a step that you used to be able to see?
  • Are you able to find clothes in the closet that go together?
  • Have you poured orange juice over your cereal because you thought you had the milk carton which looks a lot like the juice carton?
  • Can you find the switch plates on the wall?
  • Have you fallen over furniture?
  • Have you burnt yourself trying to make a pot of coffee?
  • Have you tripped over dark-colored throw rugs on dark-colored floors?
  • Have you been unable to tell if the toilet seat is up so you’ve sat down in the toilet bowl?
  • Do you misplace the magnifying glass when you need to read the instructions on a medication bottle?

It’s true that even those with full sight have done some of those things, some of which are funny at the time, but it can be really serious for those with low vision.

There are some good tips for avoiding some of these things so that you can remain safe and independent.  Here’s a good article with tips on:

  • finding clothing that matches
  • using the microwave control pad so you don’t burn your food
  • avoiding falls on floors, over furniture and down steps by providing contrast
  • chosing the right kind of lighting for the area and the task
  • putting lighting where you need it, inside and outside
  • cutting down glare that makes it more difficult to see
  • finding out what low vision aids are available for the home and where to get them
  • adapting each room in the house for your needs

Click here for a very complete guide Household Tips for People with Low Vision.

Click here to read about a book called Making Life More Livable.  I’ve not read it. If you have & would like to write a book review, please let me know.

Do you have any other tips?  Please leave a comment so we can share them with others.


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Highlight: How can I adapt my home so I can be safe and independent?
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