2 thoughts on “Highlight: Why should I be concerned about ‘blue light’?”

  1. Thank you, loads of good information!! I have a blue light blocker for my iPad and I wear fitover sunglasses with at least 90 percent blue light blocking lens. Every little bit helps. I was told once that any indoor light bulb is safe as long as you are aware of the K reading written on the bulb and choose wisely. I was told to stay away from anything 5000 K or higher which throws off more blue light. For that reason, I try to stay with 3,500 or less K reading regardless of the bulb. Honestly, I have no idea if this is true, but seems to make sense to me. Thank goodness for these sites where we can help to educate and support one another. PS, my new lens following cataract surgery has UV protection but not blue light.

    1. Linda here. I’ve not heard about the K readings, I’ll have to check into that. Interesting that your new IOL after cataract surgery blocks UV light but not blue light & mine block blue light but I don’t think they block UV! Thanks for sharing what you have learned.

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