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  1. If you are worried about blue light, sunlight is also a problem. There are now many choices of devices that can help without a lot of blue light exposure. Some people benefit most from one that simulates sunrise with gradually increasing light intensity starting before the time you want to wake up. As a retired psychotherapist, I strongly suggest consulting a therapist if you think you may have S.A.D.. Counseling can help, as can medication. The disorder can range from mild to really debilitating, with major weight gain. People who lack insurance can usually get reasonably priced help through their county or at such agencies as Family Services or church sponsored agencies.

    I myself have Dry Macular Degeneration and follow your posts.

    1. Hi Jane, Lin/Linda here. Thanks for your input, I’ll check into the S.A.D. lights that have less blue light–we appreciate the information. And thanks for your professional advice on how to deal with S.A.D, it certainly can be something that requires the interventions you suggest. Thanks for coming forward!

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