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  1. I’m Baaack Lin with another question. I’ve been looking for the perfect flashlight to carry around and Sue suggested one, the Streamlight Microsteam from Amazon. It arrived
    today and I was so excited it was little but powerful UNTIL I read the package and
    there was a framed section that warned that this product contains chemicals that can
    cause cancer, birth defects and other things. I’ve never seen this warning on any other flashlights and am now afraid to use it. What is your experience or rather Sue’s with it?

    1. Lin here: Yikes!! I’m sure Sue didn’t see that or she would have said something. If it’s the first one that comes up in the search (Streamlight 66318 MicroStream C4 LED Pen Light), I don’t see anyone mention the warnings you mention. If you can confirm it’s that particular model number, I’ll do some checking. Thanks for letting me know.

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