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  1. I wonder if the genes that make our immune systems “too strong” and attack our retinas are the genes that create an issue with zinc since it strengthens our immune systems. I am hoping to find an eye doctor that will prescribe the ArcticDX tests for me, but Lin and Sue seem to have a good understanding of all 15 genes that can impact AMD.

    1. Lin/Linda here: I don’t know how ‘good’ our understanding is of the genes, it’s quite a complicated topic! About the genes & zinc, Sue says “I know nothing. I think they are a different gene but we’d need a geneticist for that call.”

    2. I live in Michigan and the ArcticDX lab is here, in Grand Rapids: http://www.rapidgrowthmedia.com/devnews/ArcticDX0726.aspx

      I’m no expert and don’t know how many issues there are with zinc. From my understanding, the zinc in the supplement formulas might have something to do with dementia. I’ve heard that some people’s brains, based on their genetics, can’t handle all that zinc and that, theoretically, it could lead to Alzheimer’s down the road. There are supplement companies that sell less-zinc or no zinc formulas.
      Here’s a link about possible zinc implications: http://www.macularisk.com/files/scientific_papers/reviews_letters_press/Rapp_and_Sherman_May_2014.pdf

      1. Lin/Linda here: Thanks for those links, Vickie. I know you are new so you probably haven’t seen the pages that Sue and I wrote after we had genetic testing through ArcticDX but you can find them listed at the bottom of Sue’s Journal Pages. We can’t speak to the effects of zinc on Alzheimer’s Disease but we do know that there are some people whose genetic makeup makes them ‘sensitive’ to high doses of zinc like are in the AREDS & AREDS2 formulas (often recommended by eye doctors). What that means is that in the AREDS results, the progression of AMD from intermediate to advanced in those who were zinc sensitive was faster than those who were not. I’m one of those people according to the results of my test.

          1. Lin/Linda here: I’ve not seen any percentages related to how many people with AMD are genetically zinc sensitive. As far as the effectiveness of the AREDS/AREDS2 supplements, they were shown to slow down the progression to advanced AMD only in those who had intermediate AMD. If you search our website, there are several posts and pages where we talk about AREDS(1) and AREDS2.

  2. Thanks. I should have mentioned that the “modest” benefit was referring percentages across the whole population group, NOT to the benefits of any of the individuals.

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