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Most Recent Pages

Page Number & Title

306.  Improving Communication: Part 2 added 6/1/2017

307.  Improving Communication: Part 3 added 6/3/2017

308.  Comparison Shopping added 6/5/2017

309.  Good Thought, Bad Thought added 6/7/2017

310.   Avoidable Blindness added 6/9/2017

311.  “I Don’t Want to Go There!” added 6/10/2017

312.  The Art of Asking added 6/11/2017

313.  Not Created Equal added 6/13/2017

314.  UK Volunteer Wanted! added 6/14/2017

315.  The Truth is Out There added 6/16/2017

316.  Mi Depression, Su Depression added 6/17/2107

317.  Low Vision Pet Peeves added 6/18/2017

318.  Tax Time added 6/19/2017

319.  App Update added 6/21/2017

320.  How Many Favors? added 6/22/2017

321.  Big News! added 6/24/2017

322.  Out of Gas added 6/25/2017


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Sue’s Journal Pages
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  1. Just joined this group. So very glad to know that support is out there if needed and I’m pretty sure we all need strokes.

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