Christmas in May

Today was Christmas in May! My habilitation person brought my new iPad. Tomorrow my work materials will be downloaded onto it and one more hurdle will be behind me.

The iPad case did not fit and my glare glasses are somewhere in transit. That sort of stuff happens at Christmas. Something doesn’t fit or it is not delivered on time. It’s OK.

Besides the iPad, I got a cute, portable OTT light. I also got an OTT floor lamp that my habilitation person took directly to the other office. That can be a nice discovery the next time I am there. Remember I have an OTT light at home. They are awesome…and I am not getting a cent for that endorsement.

Guides for writingI am including a photo of writing guides that my habilitation person gave me. They are for letters, notes, checks and envelopes. The guides keep you from going all over cockeyed on the page. I am able to use the CCTV to help me write checks and address envelopes but these might be good for other folks who have not been blessed with help from an organization like BVS.

Another thing she brought was colored, acetate sheets. Years ago there was a movement to use colored overlays to help people with dyslexia. Not sure that movement went too far  – we don’t use the sheets in our classes – but the acetate sheets are still sold.

One source is – guess where! – Amazon. Unfortunately, we are not getting kickbacks from them either.?

Anyway, Amazon sells packets of 12 sheets. They are four, different colors. There are packs with different colors available from other vendors as well. It would appear that different colors work for different people.

I ended up taking a rose sheet and an orange sheet. I did not like the blue or the yellow at all, but that does not mean your choices will be the same as mine.

What the rose sheet did for me was increase contrast. It also reduced glare. I tried it on some text I had trouble seeing and there was some improvement.

It appears I will be looking at the world through rose-colored acetate! Sorry. I could not resist.?

Christmas will happen again in June for me. My habilitation worker still has to bring me an iPad stand so I can use the magnification app I have to read – light weight version of my CCTV. She also has several other apps she is authorizing for me. I will let you know what I get. Remember several of them are free or inexpensive.

So that is it for now. Things are progressing and I am very happy with my gifts. Hopefully some of this information will be helpful and make you happy, too.

Merry Christmas!

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Christmas in May
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5 thoughts on “Christmas in May”

  1. I too rely on OTTlites. They help greatly. In a previous post,you mentioned a “reader” that you use. What is that–sounds like what I really need. Thanks.

      1. Lin/Linda here: Sue asked me to pass along that the reader she uses is expensive-$600. She didn’t have to pay the full amount since she is being helped by the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR) & the Bureau of Blindness and Visual Services (BBVS). If you have a tablet like an iPad, there is software that will give you some of the same features. If you buy a reader, Sue says, make sure it’s a good one and that it has a light on it. There are a lot of little cheap ones that won’t help much. If you have any questions or want more information, let us know here or email me directly at

    1. Sheila, thanks for your suggestion. I just published a blog post on one of the features of the Apple iPad and iPhone which is called Zoom. It magnifies what you see on the screen. I will be publishing another one soon on some other cool features. Here’s the one about Zoom:

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