Dancing Angels

My husband remains in the rehabilitation center. I continue to try to adjust to living alone as a visually impaired woman. It is, shall we say,’interesting’.

As you know, I have been trying to find ways of increasing my independence and making things easier on my friends, and on me. With that goal in mind, I am happy to say my Amazon Prime Pantry box came. The box was 20 x 14 x 17 inches. I had loaded it up with a fair amount of stuff. Enough it was marked ‘heavy’. It was a bit of a chore to get it into the house.

I was pleased with how rapidly the order had arrived. It only took two days to get here.

Having the box come was sort of reassuring. I may be stuck but I am not going to starve. I am also not going to stink and I can do my dishes. These are all positives in my book.

This morning I got a ride to a yoga event. The event was right across from a Farmers Market so I bought some fresh, local produce.

I have become more healthy-eating conscious in recent weeks. It is roughly akin to being trapped in an elevator and immediately needing to pee. Feeling I am not able to get to good food made me crave it. Too bad I did not have this epiphany when I could drive and so many meals came from the drive through!

Anyway, still trying to solve the good food versus processed food dilemma. I can work on that later. Now that I know I am not going to starve; that is.

The other problem I solved this morning was making bank deposits. I have had two checks sitting for a week. Getting deposit slips was a major event – I had to prove I was me about a dozen different ways. For generic deposit slips; really??? – but they are finally mailing me the deposit slips. If I write ‘for deposit only’ and sign the checks, I can mail the checks in and get them deposited into my checking account.

The customer service guy wanted me to go high-tech. He wanted me to use an app that would allow me to take photos of the checks with my phone and deposit them that way. If you like that idea, go for it. I declined. Every brain cell I have is busy trying to figure out a transportation schedule. I will take on unfamiliar technology when I have a lull in the action. Whenever that might be.

Oh, I also got to the bank machine this morning. I had money but I was starting to get nervous about running out of cash. I took out $50 more than I normally do. Reassuring to know I have a little extra.

I am starting to think this not being able to drive business is going to turn me into a hoarder. How many cans of tuna is enough? How about rolls of toilet paper? Perhaps we have a philosophical question here.

How many angels can dance on the head of a pin? More importantly in my book: what kind of dancing do angels do?

So that is pretty much it for now. It has been a long day and I am slap happy. To review: I have found a way to get food and other grocery items delivered to the house. I can get money to pay for them into my account….without fighting with new technology. Maybe I can pull this off yet.

Next: murphy’s law



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Dancing Angels
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One thought on “Dancing Angels”

  1. You sound so strong and determined. Proud of you!
    My son recently fractured his foot and had no way to get to work or shopping. For several weeks he used Uber as a means of a transportation and was able to work out a reduced fare. He also had food delivered. I was worried at first thinking as mom I should step up and help but then I realized most people, ( even sons ) want to remain independent.
    I doubt if you will turn into a hoarder, honest. You are one of the most resourceful people/stories I have ever read.

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