I Love My People

This page is in praise of community.

Sometimes we older folks get it into our heads to move away from home. Florida? Arizona? It is warm and look at that view!

In 2010 US News and World Report did an article on this. The title was “Should You Move After Retirement?” (OK, it is an old article but it was the first one I found and it backs up my point. You might be able to find something more current.)

We have discussed it. My husband likes the idea and I hate it.  Hate it for a variety of reasons. Since I am as old as dirt and have been in my profession since the Wisconsin glacier (a few irrelevant references don’t hurt), I was grandfathered in with my license. I practice in Pennsylvania or I don’t practice at all.  I want to work as long as possible. As long as my vision allows.

Bringing me to another point. How many places have world-class eye hospitals as close as Wills Eye Hospital is to here? Where would I be able to get into a clinical trial? I have done the legwork here and been promised a call as soon as something happens. (Squeak out to you, ‘my’ research person! ?) I am not commuting from Arizona!

We have a decent place – paid for – and it is full of stuff. It will take me two years working full-time to sort it all out. Like I said, a variety of reasons.

But the big reason? Here, I got PEOPLE. I LOVE my people.

Hubby is back in the hospital. He ‘blew out’ his back and it is going to be a bumpy ride. He won’t be able to drive for a while and may need surgery.

I have been texting and working the phone pretty much constantly. I have things to cover! Hubby’s friend took us to the hospital yesterday. Nephew #2 brought me home nine hours later. Hubby’s friend had taken care of the Beastie Baby and was mowing the lawn when I got home. Thank you.

Nephew #1 is taking me to the hospital this afternoon. My friend the accountant will bring me home.

Tomorrow a co-worker is picking me up and taking me to school. My usual ride will bring me home. Accountant friend will drop me off at the hospital and my yogini will pick me up. Then we go to hip hop! She has wanted to go for some time so we are both benefiting. She flies. I buy.

Still working on Tuesday but Wednesday my ‘little boss’ will take me to DBT so I can teach and another co-worker will bring me home.

In other words, the girl has people. Anywhere else in the world? Not so much. Strangers are good. They are often great but someone said home is the place where, when you are down and out and pounding on the door, they have to take you in. Where I am at feels like home.

Thanks, guys!?

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I Love My People
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2 thoughts on “I Love My People”

  1. I feel for you, Sue. I did sell my house and move to a big city after my husband died, but I hated living in the suburbs all those years. :-)) Thank God I did. I have the best of every kind of specialist associated with the University of Alabama at Birmingham and some public transportation available for seniors. Not completely dependable, but it’s something. I developed several medical problems during my 70s that help feed the specialists–nearly one for every part of my body now. Nothing could drag me away from living in a small town adjacent to Birmingham–just over the mountain as they say, here. I feel so blest.

    I hope you can get family and friends to talk your husband out of this. You are going to need family and friends as well as excellent medical care–close by.

  2. I understand Sue. Yes, home is more then just a place. Your family, friends and neighbors can make all the difference in the world. I am lucky. I have a home of 30 years on the southside of Chicago in a friendly community and I spend my winters in Ft Myers where my brother and father lives. So, I am surrounded at all times with family. So far, my vision is stable but every now and then, I get a little taste of uncertainty especially with cloudy or dark days. I wish you great luck with future trials. Maybe not too long in the future they will have just the right fix for you. Hope is truly everything?

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