Dear Amazon: A Love Letter

This is a love letter to Amazon. I don’t usually develop crushes on mail order houses. Yes, there was a time I was infatuated with the Sears Christmas catalog. However I was very young and it was probably puppy love.

I previously mentioned that Amazon has free e-books (it also has thousands of titles that you can pay for).  You can download an e-book to your tablet and make it just about as large as you wish. This little feature has made it possible for me to read. That’s exciting to me.

Amazon’s eBook reader allows you to enlarge the text as large as you want which has made it possible for me to read.  That’s exciting to me!

Amazon also has an amazing collection of stuff. You can get pictures and descriptions of this stuff on your tablet. Once it’s on your tablet you can again make it as big as you like. You can actually see what you are interested in buying.

Amazon’s amazing collection of stuff includes all sorts of nifty things for people with visual impairment. Sort of one-stop shopping for those of us who don’t see so well anymore and may depend upon others to get around.

Click here to see products that match ‘visually impaired’.

So far I have purchased fashionable sunglasses that don’t ‘leak’ light along the edges and a halogen floor lamp with a magnifying lens and a clip attached to the pole. Since I am name-dropping in this post, I will tell you my lamp is named Ott. Ott works great but occasionally gets a little tipsy. I have his – er, its – base shoved under the night stand. Solves the problem.

I am waiting for neon-colored paper with dark, black lines. Amazon has dozens of types of pens. I have been told there is a black pen that doesn’t bleed through the paper. Hoping to find out the name of those pens soon. Maybe I can order them from Amazon.

Amazon has neon-colored paper with dark, black lines and pens that don’t bleed through the paper.

If you want a little something to share with friends, Amazon even has a 50 pack of magnetic Amsler Grids. You know what I am talking about. Your eye doctor probably gave you one as a consolation prize when he diagnosed you with your first drusen. Maybe he got his Amsler Grids from Amazon!

Made a discovery when I was researching the Amazon site. There is actually a music (rock?) group called The Amsler Grid. Strange. Maybe somebody in the family is an ophthalmologist. Anyway, you can buy their music on Amazon, too.

There really is some amazing stuff out there. If you want something enlarged or to talk to you, they have it. Some of the stuff is bilingual. Habla Espanol? The thermometer does.

From Old Maid cards to multicolored rock salt, it seems to be available in the visually impaired section at Amazon. Amazing.

Amazon has everything from magnetic Amsler Grids to bilingual products to Old Maid cards…and more!




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