XYZ Transit

I went to the doctors today, two of them. I have been trying to group my appointments. Since I have had eye problems and have to get rides, my doctors’ appointments have become events. Better to group them on one day.

Not sure where everyone came from at the ophthalmologist’s office. There was not a seat to be had! The aging of the population and the prevalence of vision problems in the elderly was apparent in that room.

Dare I say I was the young chick of the group? Of course I dare!?

My ophthalmologist said he could not see any growth in my geographic atrophy – aka the divots – in either of my eyes. There probably is some but would require a more precise instrument than his own eye to observe. No noticeable change is good.

My vision was a tad better in one eye and a smidgen worse in the other. I think it was just random variation. Sometimes I am better at ‘cheating’ and using my peripheral vision and other times worse. Sometimes I hit what must be an intact spot on my retina and everything flashes into focus for a fraction of an instant. When it ‘catches my eye’ I try to look at it and it is gone. Real pain in the posterior. It was there and then it was gone.

My ophthalmologist asked about the clinical trial. Damn if I know. I have been enough of a pain in the posterior to the head researcher I have been promised I will be first called when things get moving…. whenever that is. Squeak.

I showed my ophthalmologist my new toy, the Justand. He was interested. Asked if I were going to the support group but then said I could probably lead the support group. Yeah.

A lot of research and adjustment over the last four months. I have learned a few things I could share.

My primary care physician is worried about my blood pressure. Might have something to do with the things that have been happening recently. He wanted me to stay a few hours and have my pressure taken over time. That would be a guaranteed way to get me to blow my top!

Going for the van to leave was actually scary. I was to be picked up at the main entrance to the hospital…..along with 11 million other people! So, I exaggerate but you get my point. It was busy. And 80% of the transportation coming up to the front of the building was white. The color of the van I was waiting for? White, of course.

I was flummoxed as to how to discern my van. I don’t see all that well, ya know. I put on my telescope glasses but with my eyes dilated I could not see even then. Too bright. I was on the horns of a dilemma.

I called the transportation people and – while concerned – they were not a lot of help. I was waiting for XYZ Transit and the van was white. Really??? No shit. She acted as if she had never had a visually impaired patron before. Don’t they have a protocol for finding patrons who can’t find them? Apparently not.

I finally just wandered up and down the line of vans. Practically putting my nose on the side of each one. My van was there. When I told my driver my concerns, he said he would have found me. Not sure how. I am new to transit. I have had a half a dozen drivers so far. They don’t know me. I don’t know them. Problem situation.

Still not sure how to work this out. My husband suggested a sign on a pole. XYZ Transit! Maybe I can be the lady in red or something. Look for the lady in red! Mysterious.

Just not sure. Any thoughts?

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XYZ Transit
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One thought on “XYZ Transit”

  1. I like the sign and being the lady in red! You’d
    Probably start a movement and get lots of publicity and they’d paint the vans that pick us up hot pink with daisys?

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